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attractively coloured hens
for garden or free range

Purchase Options

Availability and Delivery

Hatching Eggs

Collect from our hatchery or we can deliver to your door anywhere in the UK or Ireland. You can request a mixture of breeds. Minimum order quantity 12 eggs. No order too large. Free sexing instructions are supplied.

Day Old Chicks

Collect from our hatchery. Delivery may be available where viable. We do not import breeding stock or final product.


Point of lay pullets can be collected from us or our stockists situated over UK and Ireland. Delivery by arrangement, usually 1-2 weeks required to arrange delivery.

Health Status, Vaccination and Transportation

Day Old Chicks

These are comprehensively vaccinated in our modern hatchery (D.E.A.R.A. Registration Number UK9 535/2).


Are reared on our own farms and are vaccinated. They are transported either in disposable cardboard boxes or in freshly washed and disinfected returnable boxes or crates. Generous space is provided to minimise stress.


For more information contact us.